Across the Desk: OAAA OOH Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) and Attribution Working Group Co-Chairs

By: Karin Baatsch-Deboulet, EVP Operations US, Kinetic Worldwide &  Mark Costa, Chief Digital Officer, JCDecaux North America

What were the key takeaways for brands and marketers from the OAAA OOH MMM and Attribution research findings?

  • These 2 findings from Sequent Partner’s interviews that were presented in the webinar stood out:
    • Accurate and precise data inputs enable accurate and precise model outputs (results)
    • More granular inputs enable more granular models and more actionable insights
  • While we most likely have always recognized the importance of the above 2 statements, the study revealed thecriticality of getting that right and the pitfalls of getting it wrong. And very importantly, our industry now has the right data maturity to provide the proper inputs.

How should the OOH industry begin to implement the OAAA OOH MMM and Attribution best practices? Where is the best place to start?

  • Our OAAA MMM and Attribution Working Group was dedicated and proactive, and Sequent Partners did excellent research, so at this juncture the action we want to stress immediately is driving adoption of the best practices. It’s important for OOH media companies and specialist agencies to share them with modeling partners, and also provide them to agency and brand partners who utilize modeling to evaluate OOH performance.
  • For OOH media companies, the best practices provide the framework to inform and evaluate MMM and Attribution work and processes: how to engage with modelers and brief them correctly, and the level of data granularity you should look for in your evaluations or recommend for inclusion.

Obviously, chairing the OAAA OOH MMM and Attribution Working Group took considerable time and energy. What marketplace change are you hoping this work will create?

  • Our vision was to provide key stakeholders on the buy & sell side, including modelers and data platforms: (1) a framework and best practice that demystifies MMM & OOH Attribution; and (2) a simplified process for participation in recognition of the important role these two performance evaluation tools play in omni-channel decisions.
  • It is through education and enablement we can empower stakeholders, facilitating the evaluation of OOH’s contribution to the media mix, ultimately optimizing the results where OOH will show increased effectiveness if analyzed properly. This will drive higher investment because it addresses the challenge we face where OOH has been ‘undermeasured’ for a long time and we have now the tools to correctly measure OOH’s performance.
  • Anna Bager, OAAA President and CEO, summarizes it best “We are certain the OAAA OOH MMM and Attribution research and analysis will not only serve as best practices for the industry and increase OOH’s share of marketing budgets, but also continue to raise the bar for excellence in OOH evaluation overall.”

Modified: 2 years