50 Stealable Grassroots Marketing Campaigns

If you’re in advocacy, grassroots, membership or marketing, you’re undoubtedly constantly on the lookout for effective grassroots marketing campaign ideas that actually work – be it for your donation cycle, membership engagement or to create awareness.

To make it easier, we compiled a list of 50 great examples that did just that, including success metrics, and placed them all in one post for your convenience.


Outdoor Advertising Association of America: 50 Million Social Media Impressions

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) represents any company that advertises outdoors. Their members include stationary and mobile billboard owners, and companies that sell ads on outdoor furniture and public transit vehicles.

Campaign Goal: In 2014 the OAAA partnered with several prestigious art organizations, including the Art Institute of Chicago and the National Gallery of Art, on the Art Everywhere campaign. The goal was to demonstrate the power of outdoor advertising.

Channel(s): Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube

Results: The Art Everywhere US campaign used images of 50 famous pieces of art in special outdoor installations around the country. Consumers could vote on which artworks they wanted to see outside of museums. They could also photograph themselves at the public installations and post pictures to their favorite social media channels using the hashtag #ArtEverywhereUS. In total, the campaign received over50 million social media impressions, 1,000 mentions in the mainstream media, and drew the attention of several members of Congress. That included 26,000 views on YouTube, 5,837 Facebook likes, 1,978 Twitter followers, 1,529 Instagram followers and 303 Pinterest followers.

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