2018 OAAA Membership Report

In 2018, OAAA provided a high level of service to its members, offering enhanced tools, education, best practices, and resources its members need to ensure advertisers get out of home.

Serving Members

OAAA members remain pleased with association’s value and level of service, with 97 percent renewing membership in 2018. OAAA put an increased emphasis on membership recruitment, seeking both new members and reaching out to former members. OAAA welcomed 80 new members in 2018.

Enhancing Digital Resources 

The OAAA website is a streamlined and powerful tool for the OOH Industry. With the home page rebranding and overhaul of all icons and banners, the OAAA website is informative and contemporary. Enhanced graphics are also shared socially, in the form of videos, gifs, and images – highlighting milestones and OAAA resources. All news and resources have been organized in user-friendly modules.

OAAA launched the OOH Tech Locator in August. This easy-touse online tool allows anyone the ability to quickly search for providers offering data and technologies important to OOH. The OOH Tech Locator sorts providers by services and technologies, providing links to important information about products and services offered by OAAA’s tech members. Since its launch, more than 2,600 users have accessed the platform.

The OAAA Creative Testing Tool has been rebranded as the OOH Mockup Generator. The online tool has been accessed more than 18,000 times in 2018, totaling 53,000 uses since its launch on May 2013.

The OOH Media Locator was accessed more than 13,000 times in 2018, totaling more than 40,000 uses since its launch in April of 2016.

OAAA hosted 22 members-only webinars in 2018, including four tech and five supplier webinars. All webinar series will continue in 2019.

OAAA Welcomed 80 New Members in 2018

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