In 2017, OAAA was the Voice of a United Industry in its Service to Members.

In 2017, OAAA was the voice of a united industry in its service to members.

Growing Membership

OAAA members remain pleased with the association’s value and level of service, with 98 percent renewing membership in 2017. OAAA put an increased emphasis on membership recruitment, seeking both new members and reaching out to former members. The association welcomed 62 new members in 2017.

Growing Membership
Enhancing Digital Resources

In 2017, OAAA launched renavigation of the OAAA website to streamline the user experience.

The popular OOH Creative Testing Tool was relaunched with new functionality and an expansion of available formats and scenes. The online resource has had more than 37,000 uses and features 35 unique OOH formats in multiple environments for a total of 80 different combinations.

OAAA’s OOH Media Locator has had more than 26,000 online uses.

The OOH Resource App was rebuilt to enhance user functionality. It is currently used by more than 1,000 OOH industry account executives.

Online Education

OAAA hosted 25 members-only webinars in 2017. In addition to standard informational webinars, three new series were introduced to feature OOH tech companies, spotlight supplier members, and educate billboard professionals. All webinar series will continue in 2018.

2017 OAAA Webinars

OOH Trends in 2017
OAAA Resources for Independent OOH Companies
Intro to SQAD – OOH Planning Rates for Agencies
Awareness, Attitudes Toward Roadside Posters
OAAA Biennial Membership Meeting and Convention Recap
OOH Online Activation and Other Valuable Proof Points
OOH ROI and Optimization in the Media Mix

OAAA Educational Webinars

This webinar series offers intensive training designed to prepare participants for all elements of the billboard industry. Industry experts provided insights, resources, and tools to address challenges billboard operators face daily.

How to Boost Local Sales
How to Improve Local Campaigns with Better Creative
OSHA Climber Safety Requirements
Structure Inspection & Maintenance

OOH Tech Webinars

This webinar series educates OAAA members about innovative opportunities and services. Participants discovered how technology is used to enhance OOH operations and campaigns and heard real-life examples of tech in action.

OOH Supplier Webinars

This webinar series spotlights OAAA supplier members, informing participants about the latest in supplier innovations, including new products and services.

SignValue – Appraisals for Condemnation or Financing

Read the full OAAA 2017 Annual Report here. 

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