2016 OAAA Annual Report: Real. Powerful. Results.

Good trade associations provide advocacy, networking, education, and a common voice.

But what really counts is results: demonstrable, bottom-line victories.

Together, this year we won in court, we positioned the industry for continued progress amidst a backdrop of rapid change, and we notched a 26th consecutive quarter of industry growth since the recession.

Fifty-six new members joined OAAA in 2016.

OAAA produced new tools to help sell our products, including the OOH Media Locator with 12,000+ visits.

New research by Nielsen proves OOH’s overall effectiveness and ability to drive mobile engagement.

New partnerships put the President of the United States on a prominent OOH display.

We also faced new challenges, moving quickly to resolve political concern about privacy as we expand use of data to benefit our customers.

As I write this on vacation with my family in Breezy Point, MN, the air is brisk and the skies are clear. For me, that brings clarity. I see a year of powerful results and a clear path to a strong future.

With appreciation for your support, I submit to you OAAA’s 2016 Annual Report.

OAAA 2016 Annual Report

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