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OAAA Masterclass Series

The OAAA Masterclass Series is a new learning platform featuring expert-led virtual workshops focused on a variety of topics exclusively designed for our members. We’re kicking off the series with three sales training workshops scheduled through the rest of this year. The masterclasses are complementary and exclusive to OAAA members. Expand your skills, develop your knowledge, and connect with your peers.

Sales Training


OTT and The Advanced TV Ecosystem

November 18, 2020

Watch this timely examination of the advanced TV ecosystem. Over-the-Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV) platforms are one of the fastest growing media segments as streaming services eclipse linear TV engagement and spending.

The masterclass session will discuss the basics of how streaming services make their money with OTT and how these platforms leverage data to deliver relevant and timely ads to pay TV subscribers.

Participants walk away understanding how traditional measurement companies and brands leverage advanced data techniques to track and measure the efficacy of OTT and how OOH professionals can best position the medium alongside streaming media.

Steven Golus is an eyewitness to the emergence of the internet as an advertising medium and leads this important masterclass session.

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OAAA Masterclass: Choosing To Thrive At A Time Of Disruption

October 20, 2020

Out of home advertising sales leaders were successfully coaching team members to sell the true value of increasingly advanced and complex solutions to a broader set of customers.  Then along came the pandemic and the perceived limitations of Zoom, virtual conferences and limited bandwidth.  For the last 23 years, Doug Weaver has trained thousands of media sellers through periods of massive change and disruption.  And over the past seven months he’s stayed close with scores of managers, even as he’s reinvented his own practice for a screen-sharing world.  In this provocative, practical and optimistic masterclass, Doug will share the values, strategies and tactics to empower and guide your team – not just through the lockdown, but into the new media world ahead.  Save your spot today for this very special OAAA members-only event for sales executives.


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Understanding The Google, Facebook, and Amazon Value Proposition And How To Sell With Or Against It

December 16, 2020


More details coming soon.