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Navy Pier Navy Pier

The Navy Pier in Chicago was challenged with the same problem that many tourist attractions face in big cities.

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United United

The airline market is a highly competitive category and United needed to drive their business, particularly share of the hugely important New York market.

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Travel South Dakota Travel South Dakota

The agency had a concept of bringing Mount Rushmore and the taste of South Dakota to feeder markets around the country.

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Jet Blue - True Blue Jet Blue - True Blue

JetBlue prides itself on standing out and being the airline for all. So when they set out to design a loyalty program, they had one thing in mind: the people. You don’t have to be a frequent flier, a million miler, a golden medallion card (whatever) holder to get something from TrueBlue.

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Great Wolf Lodge Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge, the largest family of indoor water parks resort hotels, launched new properties in Gurnee, Illinois and LaGrange, Atlanta in the Spring of 2018 (May/June).

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Delta Los Angeles Delta Los Angeles

LA is a market that tends to be over-saturated with airline options and parity cabin experiences at every tier. There’s not much differentiation and every brand is trying to convince travelers that they offer the most premium in-flight experience. Delta wanted to break through the noise, not by telling Angelenos about what it offers, but by taking action and creating a unique premium experience that these customers could be a part of. One avenue of exclusive comfort that Angelenos are willing to invest in is premium health and wellness.

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United Airlines at Newark Airport United Airlines at Newark Airport

United wanted to reach New Yorkers on the move. The campaign's primary goal was to help them realize the precious time they could save by traveling to Newark instead of Kennedy Airport.

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JetBlue Airways: Bermuda Co-op JetBlue Airways: Bermuda Co-op

JetBlue wanted to distract people with the prospect of visiting a beautiful island. The campaign was focused on getting people to spend their next summer Friday in Bermuda. Part of the OOH read, "When a vacation to Bermuda calls, answer."

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Asheville Convention Asheville Convention

A new direct flight path between Asheville, NC, and Washington, DC, became available, creating an opportunity to enter the market and bring awareness to an audience who likely had not considered Asheville as a travel destination in the past.

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Delta Air Lines #DeltaDatingWall Delta Air Lines #DeltaDatingWall

Delta Air Lines teamed up with Tinder in creating the #DeltaDatingWall, attracting young adults to "fake the trip before they make the trip" by taking a selfie with the Delta destination and posting the image on their dating profile.

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