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Political Advertising

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TMac4Prez TMac4Prez

TMac4Prez was a fictional presidential campaign that was run throughout the Madison area. The main objective of this campaign was to attract an audience to the website and Todd Mac.

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In Todd We Trust In Todd We Trust

The general manager of an OOH company launched a faux 2016 presidential campaign using a variety of OOH formats. The campaign promoted “TMac4Prez” paired with a variety of catchy and silly campaign slogans.

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Humanize the Candidate Humanize the Candidate

Bob Bennett was elected to his first six-year term in the United States Senate in 1998, with 64 percent of the vote.

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Stand Out in a Crowd Stand Out in a Crowd

Six Republicans were on the August 3 primary ballot in Michigan’s 7th congressional District (nearly 4,300 square miles in southern Michigan that includes Battle Creek, Jackson, Adrian, and part of Lansing).

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Issue Branding Issue Branding

In 2002, Missouri’s road builders proposed a gas tax hike to pay for transportation improvements. It was soundly defeated at the polls, garnering only 28 percent of the statewide vote.

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