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Honda Honda

Mobile location data allowed CCO to profile billboards based on which inventory was more likely to reach Honda’s target audience. In this case, NorCal Honda was focused on a Hispanic segment that was available through the out-of-home advertising company’s unique planning tool.

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Dodge Charger & Durango Dodge Charger & Durango

Dodge, a well-known automotive company, was unveiling the 2011 models for the Dodge Charger and the Dodge Durango at the New York and Chicago Auto Shows. The company needed to make a large impact in both cities prior to and during the auto shows.

Dodge Charger & Durango


The X3 Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) was originally launched in 2004 with a campaign focused on the extreme sports target.  This proved to be the wrong angle and the vehicle failed to establish a clear position for itself against the competition.

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Subaru Legacy Subaru Legacy

In 2009, Subaru’s creative agency came up with the “Feel the Love” campaign to launch the redesigned 2010 Subaru Legacy across TV, print and online. The campaign centered around the idea that customers could “Feel the Love” for the Legacy, which would be visually measured on a “Love Meter.”

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MINI Clubman MINI Clubman

MINI had reentered the US market back in 2002 with the MINI Cooper and followed up with the convertible version in 2004. For 2008, the task was to introduce the latest member of the MINI family, the MINI Clubman. The Clubman was defined by several unique characteristics, including: 9 extra inches, a side club door, split rear barn doors, and a new signature two-toned color.

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Toyota Prius Toyota Prius

Embracing Prius’ optimistic spirit and desire to participate in their world, the campaign positioned Prius as an accessible and positive influence on people and nature. The “Harmony between man, nature and machine” platform gave customers the opportunity to interact with Prius’ innovative and technological features.

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MINI Hammer & Coop MINI Hammer & Coop

The MINI Cooper had been in the U.S. market for five years when it launched an all-new version of the car in 2007. This move posed some unique marketing challenges outside of the limited budget, since it wasn’t likely the average consumer would be able to tell the difference between the existing car and the new model.

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Ford had just launched SYNC, a fully integrated, voice-activated in-car communication and entertainment system for the mobile phone. The product was targeted a notoriously elusive and media-savvy group, first-time car buyers.

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BMW 3 Series Convertible BMW 3 Series Convertible

When BMW launched the newest 3 Series Convertible in April 2007, there were a number of other advertisers in the market place promoting a similar style convertible. In order to stand out from the crowd, BMW focused on how the car was built rather than on aesthetics alone.

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ExxonMobil Wins the Race ExxonMobil Wins the Race

For over 25 years Mobil 1 has been breaking new ground in engine and vehicle protection. Mobil 1, the world's leading synthetic motor oil exceeds the industry’s toughest standards and outperforms all conventional motor oils.

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Chevrolet - New Launch Chevrolet - New Launch

Chevrolet was in the midst of radically changing its product line—10 new vehicle launches in 18 months. The brand was revolutionizing itself.

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Ron Swatty Dealerships Ron Swatty Dealerships

Through his campaigns for both his Lexus and his Toyota dealerships, Ron Swatty is a firm believer in the power of outdoor advertising. It was crucial for the dealerships to create brand awareness quickly and to distinguish themselves from others. 

Ron Swatty Dealerships

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