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Senior Management

The relationship between the OAAA staff and members is a working partnership. Our expert team of industry veterans believes a trade association works best when it knows and understands the needs and priorities of the members it serves.

OAAA has a deep bench of experts who can help your team sell, explain, and advocate for OOH advertising: 

Anna Bager | President & CEO | 

Anna is a seasoned, omnichannel media veteran with a deep appreciation for the power and potential of OOH. She is a strong advocate for media owners, with proven experience working in Washington on critical issues like technical standards, brand safety, and consumer privacy. In her more than eight years at IAB, Anna led all digital, mobile, video, programmatic, measurement, and data initiatives, representing members such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Disney. Bager has significant leadership experience with many of the key opportunities and challenges facing the OOH industry.

Ken Klein | Executive Vice President of Government Affairs | Email

Ken Klein is EVP of Government Affairs at the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), representing the industry in Congress. He joined OAAA in 2001 after 25 years in government and media, including The Associated Press and senior staff positions at the US Senate and Florida Department of Transportation. Widely published, Klein speaks for the industry and has served as an expert in court.
Stephen Freitas | Chief Marketing Officer | Email

Stephen Freitas joined OAAA in 1999. He is the leading industry marketing spokesman and thought leader, helping to advance and unite the out of home advertising industry through education and marketing. Before joining OAAA, Freitas spent a decade developing high profile marketing programs for Clear Channel Communications and Eller Media Company. As senior vice president of marketing, Freitas was responsible for global branding, advertising, research, public relations, and corporate communications. Prior to joining the out of home advertising industry, Freitas worked as a media planner at two San Francisco agencies. He also worked at Chevron, USA for eight years. 

Marci Werlinich | Senior Vice President of Membership & Administration | Email

Marci Werlinich has spent her entire professional career serving OAAA and its members. Werlinich focuses on membership recruitment, event planning, human resources, information technology, and a variety of other areas and programs that keep OAAA running. In the last 33 years, she has held various administrative and membership roles from administrative assistant to the oversight of the Outdoor Advertising Political Action Committee (OAPAC.) Werlinich was elected to the OAAA Hall of Fame in 2011. 
Kerry Yoakum | Vice President of Government Affairs | Email

Kerry Yoakum joined OAAA in 2008, bringing extensive experience in the law, advocacy, public affairs, and state regulatory activities. Prior to joining OAAA, Yoakum practiced law for six years as an attorney for the Ohio Department of Transportation. As administrator for the office of contracts, he was responsible for managing five major work areas of the Office of Contracts: Construction Contracts, Contractor Pre-qualification, External Civil Rights, ODOT’s Purchasing program, and the Advertising Device Control program (which regulates the outdoor advertising industry in Ohio.)
Steve Nicklin | Vice President of Marketing | Email

Steve provides OAAA members, ad agencies and advertisers with marketing insights and trends, oversees the OAAA marketing research function and monitors ad spend performance of the OOH industry.  His career has encompassed marketing leadership in the cable TV, radio and retail sectors. Steve holds an MBA in marketing and he earned his NAB Executive Development Program certificate at Georgetown University. He has received national award recognition from the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau, the Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing, the National Association of Broadcasters, and the International Council of Shopping Centers for marketing and community service programs.