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Senior Management

The relationship between the OAAA staff and members is a working partnership. Our expert team of industry veterans believes a trade association works best when it knows and understands the needs and priorities of the members it serves.

OAAA has a deep bench of experts who can help your team sell, explain, and advocate for OOH advertising: 

Nancy Fletcher 
President & CEO  

For more than 25 years, Nancy Fletcher has been responsible for leading the out of home advertising industry's legislative, marketing, and product improvement efforts. As an attorney and former billboard company executive, Fletcher is ideally suited to meet the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. During her tenure as OAAA president & CEO, out of home advertising revenues have tripled, market share has doubled, and significant legal/regulatory progress has been made, in no small measure due to industry unity formed and fostered under her care. In 2016, she received the FEPE Lifetime Achievement Award for industry leadership.

Before joining OAAA, Fletcher served as senior vice president for Patrick Media Group. She previously spent more than a decade with Naegele Outdoor Advertising in various capacities including president/general manager of the Minneapolis/St. Paul division and general counsel for the parent corporation. Before joining the out of home industry, she worked as a young lobbyist at the Minnesota legislature.

Ken Klein
Executive Vice President of Government Affairs

Ken Klein leads the industry’s government affairs efforts, with a particular personal focus on congressional relations. Klein was originally trained as a journalist. He joined OAAA in 2001 after spending 25 years in media and government, including with the Florida Department of Transportation. Klein worked for Governor Bob Graham of Florida before moving to Washington, DC, when Mr. Graham was elected to the United States Senate. Klein served in various staff positions for Senator Graham, including chief of staff. He also served as the key staff person for the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee.

Stephen Freitas
Chief Marketing Officer

Stephen Freitas joined OAAA in 1999. He is the leading industry marketing spokesman and thought leader, helping to advance and unite the out of home advertising industry through education and marketing. Before joining OAAA, Freitas spent a decade developing high profile marketing programs for Clear Channel Communications and Eller Media Company. As senior vice president of marketing, Freitas was responsible for global branding, advertising, research, public relations, and corporate communications. Prior to joining the out of home advertising industry, Freitas worked as a media planner at two San Francisco agencies. He also worked at Chevron, USA for eight years. 

Myron Laible
Vice President of State, Local & Regulatory Affairs

Myron Laible has been with OAAA for 33 years and has extensive experience in advocacy, public affairs, and federal regulatory activities. He is also an officer for the Foundation for Outdoor Advertising Research and Education (FOARE). Laible was elected to the OAAA Hall of Fame in 2007, an honor given every two years to individuals demonstrating longtime meritorious service to the industry. Before joining OAAA, Laible was employed by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), where he ran the daily operations of the Highway Beautification program, including oversight of the outdoor advertising control program at the national and state levels.

Marci Werlinich
Senior Vice President of Membership & Administration

Marci Werlinich has spent her entire professional career serving OAAA and its members. Werlinich focuses on membership recruitment, event planning, human resources, information technology, and a variety of other areas and programs that keep OAAA running. In the last 32 years, she has held various administrative and membership roles from administrative assistant to the oversight of the Outdoor Advertising Political Action Committee (OAPAC.) Werlinich was elected to the OAAA Hall of Fame in 2011. 

Kerry Yoakum
Vice President of Government Affairs

Kerry Yoakum joined OAAA in 2008, bringing extensive experience in the law, advocacy, public affairs, and state regulatory activities. Prior to joining OAAA, Yoakum practiced law for six years as an attorney for the Ohio Department of Transportation. As administrator for the office of contracts, he was responsible for managing five major work areas of the Office of Contracts: Construction Contracts, Contractor Pre-qualification, External Civil Rights, ODOT’s Purchasing program, and the Advertising Device Control program (which regulates the outdoor advertising industry in Ohio.)

Steve Nicklin
Vice President of Marketing

Steve provides OAAA members, ad agencies and advertisers with marketing insights and trends, oversees the OAAA marketing research function and monitors ad spend performance of the OOH industry.  His career has encompassed marketing leadership in the cable TV, radio and retail sectors. Steve holds an MBA in marketing and he earned his NAB Executive Development Program certificate at Georgetown University. He has received national award recognition from the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau, the Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing, the National Association of Broadcasters, and the International Council of Shopping Centers for marketing and community service programs.