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Associate Directory


A company or individual providing financial services to the out of home advertising industry

  • Flexis Capital

    Flexis Capital distinguishes itself by a simple but powerful concept: invest in situations that generate the highest risk-adjusted returns. Our flexible capital model is intended to allow the attractiveness of an opportunity to drive investment selection, as opposed to forcing opportunities to fit into a pre-determined investment structure. We combine this flexibility with an active value approach to our target investments—we use our capital as a catalyst to unlock value by working with a company’s management and board as a "trusted partner."

    We create a consistent, proprietary flow of transactions by capitalizing on the relationships of Louis P. Friedman and the Flexis investment team with executives, board members, bankers, lawyers and other financial intermediaries. Mr. Friedman maintains close contact with many current and former CEOs and other executives as a result of his more than 20-year career as a leading investment banker. Our flexible capital model fully leverages the breadth and depth of our relationships by not limiting the range of opportunities that flow from these sources.

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    (212) 378-4050

  • Insite Poster Group Ltd

    Real estate developer and investor specializing solely on OOH assets. Insite partners with operators to help them deliver their strategies by bringing new OOH locations to market, upgrading existing locations to digital and helping deliver its partners scale.



    Peter J. Solomon Company (PJSC), a private partnership, provides the highest quality investment banking advisory services to chief executive officers, owners of public and private companies, boards of directors, and special committees. In its recapitalization and restructuring practice, PJSC advises debtors, creditor and equity committees, governments, labor unions, and various claimants.

    PJSC’s judgment concentrates on the appropriate valuation of mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, financings, recapitalizations and restructurings, and any action or security involving the issuance or acceptance of a financial instrument by a client. To date, the firm has successfully completed over 500 strategic and financial advisory assignments.

    Clients retain PJSC to render objective conclusions about strategic decisions which affect their capitalizations. Our advice is grounded in intellectual integrity. It is free from conflicts of interest. The partnership does not invest for its own account, trade securities, provide research or manage client assets.

    PJSC’s goal is to bring the partnership’s collective wisdom and knowledge of negotiation to reach the optimum value of a transaction and to create an enduring advisory relationship.

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    (212) 508-1619

  • Williamson & Associates

    Williamson and Associates is a boutique Out of Home business brokerage firm exclusively assisting the OOH industry with strategic asset acquisitions, divestitures, valuations & advisory services. The OOH business brokers with first-hand industry experience. With over 4 decades of combined knowledge and dedication to OOH, Marty Williamson and his daughter, Amber Williamson Galunas, relate to you and your company while being perfectly positioned to guide you through every step of the transaction process.

    For more information, transaction history, client testimonials, and more, please visit http://www.williamsonassociates.com.