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Any company providing technology services or products to the out of home advertising industry

  • Accretive Media

    Accretive Media is a programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising platform that empowers brands to become a part of consumers' everyday lives. With access to screens in over 120,000 US venues, Accretive engages the on-the-go consumer on their terms. Through its proprietary Accretive Data Lake and I-SEA methodology, the platform combines advanced data, targeting, and measurement capabilities - keeping consumers informed, creating value for property owners, and helping brands win. Accretive Media, Data-Driven DOOH™.

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    (310) 717-3664

  • Adomni

    Adomni is a software company that provides innovative technology for digital OOH media owners to better manage their screens and sell advertising.

    With Adomni's open marketplace platform (adomni.com), advertiser can search for digital media by location, view real-time inventory availability and pricing and book ad space online, in a fully automated way.

    Using Adomni's cloud-based CMS, content and schedules are easily setup and managed. Adomni's platform also includes software services such as online content creation tools, performance analytics and automated monitoring/alerting services.

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    (844) 423-6664
  • AirSage

    Airsage pioneered the transformation of wireless network signaling data into powerful location intelligence information. Early research led to unique developments, patents and methodologies that enable AirSage to provide the most comprehensive population analytics and movement patterns on the market today.

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    (770) 714-4180

  • Ayuda

    The Ayuda Group is family of companies that develop state-of-the-art technologies for out-of-home advertising.

    Its ERP subsidiary, “Ayuda” is used in 15 countries globally by almost one hundred OOH media owners to automate the workflow of static, transit and digital OOH inventory. Functionality includes real-time avails and proposal generation for account executives on HTML5 and iOS, contract management, revenue management, static operations, posting instructions, POP, invoicing, and transfer to GL. Ayuda also includes a sophisticated and mature digital CMS and software player that powers almost 50,000 screens worldwide.

    Its programmatic subsidiary, “AYUDA[x]” is a location-based marketing technology company that helps digital marketers and digital agencies target custom, moving audiences by delivering ads to mobile devices and digital out-of-home screens. The platform analyzes massive geospatial datasets to understand where consumers are, where they have been, and where they are going. One of the main goals of AYUDA[x] is to redirect mobile advertising spend to DOOH media owners. To achieve this, the company has embraced a go-to- mobile-market strategy that evangelizes the value proposition of DOOH to mobile buyers.

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    (514) 845-0824

  • Blue Bite

    Blue Bite is a digital experience engine that delivers contextually-aware content through smart objects. With its patented platform, Blue Bite enables companies to create new business models, and enhance value for end-users throughout their personalized journeys.

    Blue Bite’s patented platform enables infinite use cases through smart objects. The technology streamlines creation and delivery of relevant, dynamic, digital experiences through conditional logic, all while garnering real-time analytics to measure impact and enhance value.

    Contact Info
    Rachel Furst
    Director of Communications

    Alex Kim
    VP of Mobile Partnership

  • Cuebiq

    Cuebiq is a location intelligence and measurement company helping clients map, target and measure the offline consumer journey with our AI-driven SaaS platform, Clara.

    Powered by the largest database of accurate and precise location data in the US – Cuebiq's data intelligence platform analyzes anonymous location patterns to allow businesses to glean actionable insights and better understand the offline consumer journey through location analytics, geo-behavioral insights and footfall attribution.

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    (718) 619-5163

  • GroundTruth

    We want to challenge ourselves every day by empowering our employees to see problems, own them and solve them. The result: a vibrant culture rooted in courage and optimism, and fueled by an ambitious resolve to be an innovator in our industry and a change-maker in our world. Since 2009, our company has grown to hundreds of employees across three continents that serve millions of consumers and marketers.

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    (888) 234-7893

  • Key Systems

    Since its foundation in 1998 Key-Systems GmbH has evolved from an academic sideline to a global player of the internet and domain industry. Our core business is the registration of internet addresses – we currently manage more than 4 million domains on behalf of our customers.

    We supply bespoke software solutions to an array of clients both domestic and international. Key Systems also supplies and supports a suite of solutions that satisfy the complete lifecycle of the out of home industry.

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    1-(651) 209-9300

  • Market Track

    Market Track, delivers the omnichannel market intelligence that brands and retailers need to connect and win with consumers. From understanding what propels consumers down the path to purchase, to assessing return on cross-channel marketing efforts, we work together with their clients to improve business outcomes.

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    (312) 529-5102

  • Nielsen IMS

    Nielsen On Location is the leading provider of audience measurement and media planning services for digital place-based advertising networks. This division of Nielsen also supplies networks and agencies with syndicated local consumer data and original ad impact research for digital and static campaigns running on billboards, posters, urban panels, transit and other OOH media. Nielsen is a proud partner of the OAAA industry study series including Art Everywhere Report (2014), Digital Billboard Study (2015), OOH Advertising Study (2016) and Poster Advertising Study (2017).

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    Diane Williams

    Michelle Lorenz

  • Panasonic

    Outdoor Entertainment Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company, a division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, designs, installs and services large-scale audio-visual technology solutions for the enterprise market. Panasonic Enterprise Solutions serves customers across a wide range of industries with customized applications using cutting-edge technologies, experience in managing large-scale, complex corporate projects and dedicated onsite support services. The Outdoor Entertainment team is a recognized industry leader in high-end digital display solutions that create unique entertainment and development experiences and financial returns, installing and networking some of the largest high-definition LED video boards in the world at many famous locations, including Times Square, the Las Vegas strip, Denver Theatre District, and many other DOOH locations across North America.

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    (877) 438-7881

  • Signkick

    Signkick was founded in 2012 with a mission to make the planning, purchase and execution of D/OOH advertising simpler, more automated and connected.

    Created exclusively for media owners, our flexible cloud-based software delivers more efficient selling of your ad spaces, less administration for your sales teams, transactional order and inventory management and connects to automated buying platforms to deliver programmatic trading.

    Get in touch for a demo or for more information on how Signkick can help make your media company live.

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    (646) 846-7266

  • Sito Mobile

    Since 2001, Sito Mobile’s proprietary technology has enabled our clients to target, engage, and influence billions of consumers on their mobile devices. Sito Mobile enables brands to more effectively engage the “heads-down” consumer through real-time, location-based marketing

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    (201) 565-0413

  • Vertical Bridge

    Vertical Bridge owns, manages and operates a portfolio of both broadband and broadcast towers. We are the largest owner of broadcast towers and the largest private owner and manager of broadband towers in the US. We have experienced leasing and operations teams with specialists located at our Headquarters in Boca Raton as well as managers in the field, all devoted to serving your co-location needs. We are committed to providing an efficient and seamless leasing process.

    At 40-80 feet in height, billboards have become an attractive asset class for telecommunications providers. Vertical Bridge can market your billboards to carriers and maximize your revenue opportunity – both short and long term. We can also manage all aspects of the process so your employees can stay focused where they need to: your core business.

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    (561) 948-6367