Sales Tip: OOH Trends in 2019

The annual Trends webinar is the most popular of the OAAA webinar series, and “OOH Trends in 2019” was presented this past Wednesday, February 20. In case you missed it, or simply want to review the information again, visit the OAAA Webinar Library  where you can access the presentation deck and the audio recording.

“OOH Trends in 2019” covered these topics:

  • Global Economics
  • US Economics
  • OOH Economics
  • Growing Influence of Digital
  • Demographics
  • Mobility
  • Smart Cities
  • Programmatic
  • Government Affairs

The presentation is filled with charts to quickly convey important information on today’s advertising climate, along with helpful liner notes that provide additional detail. Here are a few examples:

Global OOH Ad Growth vs. Traditional Media
(note: North America is in the middle of the chart)

 2018 Projected US Top 15 OOH Advertisers – Includes FAANG
(FAANG: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google)

Marketing to Generation Z

Rise in US Programmatic Digital Display Ad Spend
(Figures in billions)

The Government Affairs section covers the most important topics of the day including:

  • Cannabis
  • Focus on the Right of Way
  • Privacy
  • Taxing Miles Traveled
  • Drug Ads are a Target
  • First Amendment versus Billboard Law

Each section reviews the key issues of each topic, and ends with predictions on how the topic will evolve. For example, predictions on the development of cannabis include:

  • More states will legalize cannabis
  • State regulation of advertising will vary
  • Free speech vs. legal product debate will settle on regulatory norms:
    • No consumption
    • Limited or no health claims
    • Disclaimer(s)
    • Directional ads okay
    • Buffer zones
    • Ads aimed at adults, not kids