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GroupM Urgers Advertisers to Use More OOH

Date: November 11, 2019

OOH “offers significant opportunities for marketers, “according to Brian Wieser, global president, business intelligence at media investment group GroupM. 

In a November 4 blog post, Wieser says brands “should regularly assess opportunities to use media beyond television and pure-play digital in their campaigns,” because “what matters is whether or not a medium is seeing investment.” 

In its most recent forecast report, GroupM found OOH is growing faster than the rest of the ad industry aside from pure-play digital media. Recent results from global OOH companies show strong growth. Estimates for the industry indicated growth of more than more than 6 percent globally this year.  

So, what is behind this trend, according to Wieser?

OOH media owners have invested in digital infrastructure, including a capacity to buy programmatically. There is also a widening availability of DOOH inventory from niche providers. This encourages a wider range of advertisers to use OOH and provides confidence in the long-term opportunities to reallocate budgets more efficiently. 

OOH’s effectiveness is relatively undiminished by fragmentation or ad avoidance. Many marketers believe OOH is a superior alternative to TV for brand-building and geographically targeting audiences.

In addition to OOH, Weiser says radio and print-based media also offer opportunity. 

He says, while so much of the ad industry’s focus is on TV and digital media, others may offer real benefits and maintain the potential for faster growth, especially as they develop their own directly related digital assets.

Read the GroupM blog post “Media Beyond Digital and TV” here.

Read the full 2019 forecast here.


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