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Geopath Launches New OOH Currency

Date: October 07, 2019

Geopath last week announced that its Insights platform has been approved and launched as the industry currency for OOH measurement.  

Geopath Insights was launched in beta in 2018 and developed in conjunction with the OOH industry around an “audience-first” approach. The methodology provides more than 8,000 unique audience profiles, with additional segments being added on a regular basis. 

Geopath aggregates anonymous data from hundreds of millions of mobile devices, connected cars, and GPS sources allowing for precise analysis across the millions of OOH assets audited and measured by the organization. These enhanced data allow buyers and sellers to analyze and target OOH audience on the basis of holistic, transparent, independent metrics. 

“This is a defining moment for the out of home industry at a time when it is one of the fastest growing segments of advertising,” says Kym Frank, President of Geopath. “I applaud the OOH industry for listening to the needs of the advertisers and making an investment in the state-of-the-art, accountable metrics needed to power a smarter marketplace.”
“At the ANA, we champion innovative, responsible, and transparent use of data to drive deeper consumer engagement,” says ANA CEO and Geopath Board Member, Bob Liodice.  “We congratulate the OOH industry for providing more accountable, precise, third-party audience metrics to their brand partners.” 

Legacy tools will remain available through the year. In an email to members, Geopath said:

"Rest assured, we are not shutting down any of our legacy tools on October 1st. We realize that this is a huge transition for the industry, and as such, we will be leaving our legacy systems (ADS and OOH Plan) up until at least December 31st. This will allow media operators enough time to review their inventory and ensure that it is appropriately represented in the Geopath Insights Suite and the Geopath API. It will also give advertisers, planners, and buyers enough time to become comfortable with new insights and audiences available."

The new Geopath Insights should only be used for campaigns scheduled to launch in January 2020 or later.


To assist the industry with implementation of Geopath Insights as the industry’s currency, the organization launched a comprehensive Learning Lab where members can receive training and certification on all of Geopath’s offerings. The online training curriculum is now live on the Geopath website. 

Additionally, Geopath worked collaboratively with its Futures Council, comprised of emerging thought leaders from the OOH industry, to develop a set of Best Practices, Standards, and Protocols for planning, buying, and selling OOH with the new currency.

Geopath asks that questions be sent to geekOUT@geopath.org.


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