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OAAA Member Service: Creative to Honor 'Hometown Olympic Heroes'

Date: February 02, 2018

As the Winter Olympics begin, OAAA is providing members with user-friendly templates to honor "Hometown Olympic Heroes" on digital OOH formats. 

OAAA will provide a live demonstration via webinar on how to correctly use the creative templates. Users must have access to Photoshop to use the template. Register for the live demo here.

Contact Nicole Randall nrandall@oaaa.org to learn more (202-833-5566).

Some OOH media companies plan live medal counts. 

This OAAA tool is designed for quick congratulations to local athletes. Here's how it works.


OAAA will provide easy-to-use Photoshop templates for bulletins, posters, shelters, and urban panels.

Layered files allow users to insert a photo of a medal-winning athlete and also specify the type of medal (Bronze, Silver, Gold).

OAAA will email the template, along with instructions that emphasize the importance of accuracy.

The Athletes

To get ready, here is a full list of all Team USA athletes and their hometowns. 


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