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2017 OOH Media Plan Awards Finalists Revealed

Date: October 13, 2017

There is much to celebrate about the OOH Media Plan Awards program. It has continued to grow each year, attracting a competitive and exceptional group of entries. The program was introduced as a way to celebrate exceptional use of the OOH advertising medium, recognizing elements of excellent creative design, strategic placement of messaging, and proper allocations of budget

OAAA is delighted to announce this year’s finalists: 

These campaigns incorporated many different OOH formats, from traditional billboards, to digital inventory, to transit, place-based OOH, and more, proving the power of the medium. With innovative and strategic executions, these finalists demanded the attention of their audience, including this year’s jury. 

As data for OOH is enriched and advertising becomes more targeted, brands are able to bring consumers relevant and enticing information. 24 Hour Fitness used OOH to raise awareness of its high-quality amenities and wide range of fitness classes, taking advantage of the ability to select inventory based on area demographics and consumer behaviors. The fitness club posted strategic messaging near competitor clubs that was different from content placed near 24 Hour Fitness locations. All billboards were then geofenced to reinforce messaging and drive consumers to the website. Those exposed to the billboards had a visitation rate nearly 265 percent higher than those unexposed. 

Delta Air Lines and Tinder teamed up to offer New York singles a unique global back-drop to create a “jet-setter” dating profile. The goal of the campaign was to remind New Yorkers that Delta Air Lines is New York’s number one airline for a reason. What would be tagged as the #DeltaDatingWall was conveniently nestled among the area’s most popular dating destinations. The wall highlighted nine of Delta Air Lines’ 130+ global destinations. Leveraging the organic nature of selfies, the airline enabled single New Yorkers to “fake the trip before they make the trip,” by enhancing their dating profiles with travel-themed photos. Snapchat filters were also developed to geotarget those near the wall. As a result, OOH media impressions from the campaign soared over 1.1 million. 

Perrier wanted to raise awareness about its full range of six flavored sparkling water options using experiential OOH. The one-day event celebrated the brand’s vibrant range of sparkling water by launching the Perrier Flavor studio. The activation focused on all six senses with a bright pop-up studio space that displayed an interactive art wall, an Insta-worthy bubble ball pit filled with inflatable fruits, the sound of Perrier bubbles spritzing and fun music, and samples of the sparkling water, including mocktails and grab-n-go coolers. The studio generated more than 100 million media and social impressions. Through this creative and fun event, Perrier proved the effectiveness of experiential OOH. 

Sony Pictures introduced its upcoming film, The Emoji Movie, by leveraging entertaining and interactive creative in OOH. Because the characters were born digital, the company wanted to be sure to include them in their native landscape. In New York, an interactive digital experience stood out using a digital screen and facial recognition software. As people looked at the screen, their faces would be mirrored and transformed into an emoji. The campaign also included digital bulletins, which used traffic and weather data to trigger specific creative based on the prevailing conditions. For example, if the temperature was over 80 degrees in a specific location, the devil emoji was posted in that market. Ultimately, the film ranked number one, earning just over $25 million opening weekend. 

The 2017 OOH Media Plan Awards winners will be announced during the Advertising Club of New York’s 10th Annual OOH:NOW Conference on Wednesday, November 29. 

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