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Call for Case Studies: An Ever-Growing Sales Tool

Date: July 17, 2017

Alli Collier
OAAA Marketing Programs Manager

For over 125 years, OAAA has served as a pillar of the OOH community, working as a passionate advocate for the industry. From significant research, to informative webinars, to effective tools and more, OAAA offers resources to continue to advance OOH. One tool that is helpful for agencies and advertisers alike is the online library of more than 400 OOH case studies. 

Each case study included in this library is used to illustrate the power of OOH using a story. With inspiring examples of innovative and results-driven OOH campaigns and executions, industry professionals can demonstrate the power of the medium to disrupt consumers on the go and create brand awareness.

The case studies are collected from entries to both OAAA’s OOH Media Plan Awards and Local Case Studies Contest. 

The OOH Media Plan Awards honors the essential role that efficient and effective media plans play in executing a successful OOH campaign, while the Local Case Studies Contest generates quantifiable proof of OOH within local ad communities. The Local Case Studies Contest recently completed its second year, garnering nearly 50 entries with compelling case studies. The 2017 OOH Media Plan Awards is currently accepting entries, and all case studies from previous years are included in the library. Both programs demonstrate that with great creative design, simple messaging, strategic placement, and proper budgeting strategies, OOH is real, powerful advertising.

During this year’s 2017 OAAA\Geopath National Convention + Expo, Reagan Outdoor’s Karen Goumakos was recognized as the Grand Prize winner of the Local Case Studies Contest for her HomePlate Peanut Butter campaign submission. The company was new to the market and wanted to gain awareness for its all-natural product. The campaign utilized 31-panel posters evenly distributed across the Austin market. After 90 days, 300 consumers were surveyed, with 37.1 percent having heard of the product and 51.9 percent having seen the OOH campaign. Read the full case study

The 2016 Media Plan of the Year award was presented to Kinetic for its General Mills Totino’s campaign. OOH positioned the product as the perfect snack option in the Denver market for the munchie-centric “4/20 holiday.” Static and digital billboards were supported with a network of digital kiosks, bus shelters, wrapped trains, and more. Totino’s saw an 18 percent lift in year-over-year sales in Denver during the campaign and earned a combined total of 76.03 million impressions on social media. Read the full case study.

Each case study is an instrumental tool, offering proof of effectiveness for all types of OOH in an array of categories. With detailed strategy and quantifiable results, the content provides situational challenges and solutions to which clients and prospects can relate. With these case studies, any industry professional can reference a proven example with actual measurements of success. 

Users can search the library by category or by entering a keyword to the search bar. Each case study is available for download and can be accessed on the OAAA website at oaaa.org

Feel free to contact me with any questions at acollier@oaaa.org or call (202) 833-5566. 


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