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OOH Generates Strong Recall

Date: April 10, 2017

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In today’s highly competitive ad marketplace, advertisers are more focused on ROI than ever before. Add the increasing levels of audience fragmentation occurring across most media channels, and the ad landscape becomes even more complex. No wonder then that OOH, with its massive reach, scores very favorably in two recent studies on ad effectiveness.

Advertising recall is a measurement of advertising effectiveness and ROI. The Peter J. Solomon (PJSC) study below was conducted on the five primary advertising channels: OOH, TV, radio, online and print. Ad recall study respondents are exposed to an advertisement and then, at a later point in time, asked if they remembered the advertisement on an aided or unaided basis. Ranges shift depending on the parameters of each study (e.g., aided vs. unaided recall basis, length of time for recall and sample size/nature and scope).

The PJSC study clearly demonstrates the boost brands can receive from running ads through OOH, achieving the highest level range of recall among all channels studied at 67 percent.

In addition to massive reach, what else is driving OOH ad effectiveness?
  • OOH appears where consumers are actively engaged with their environment and where they spend 70% of their waking hours.
  • OOH is not a content-bases ad channel, so ads are not inserted among other programming or news content vying for consumers’ attention.
  • OOH doesn’t need to be turned on or opened, and it can’t be delayed, skipped or ad blocked.

Advertising Benchmark Index (ABX) is a global research firm that has conducted advertising research through the internet for over 15 years, and has completed over 8 million interviews in more than 30 countries. ABX analysis on ad effectiveness is based on over 100K ads in their active database (2014-2017) across all media types.

ABX consumer panelists are shown ads in a variety of media channels, and then asked a series of online questions including how clearly the brand is identifiable within the media channels. This brand linkage measures the respondent’s ability to link the ad with the brand, and you can see in the chart below OOH outperforms all media types except free-standing inserts.

OOH is today’s fastest growing traditional media channel because it provides real, powerful, and effective advertising delivering innovative ways to help advertisers take their message further.

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