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How OAAA Members Can Leverage Ad Agency Outreach

Date: February 17, 2017

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Based on cumulative agency feedback, here are five suggestions for maximizing business with your agency clients.

1. Download the OOH Capabilities presentation and study the content – all of the presentation liner notes are included. It’s important you have the latest OOH research and resources, and know what’s being presented to your agency clients. Supplement this with your sales team by ensuring they know about the OOH Resource Center sales app (app available through Apple App Store and Google Play, or access the desktop version.

2. Follow up in a timely manner with all agencies visited by OAAA in your market.

3. Ensure all clients, not just agencies, know about the OOH Creative Testing Tool, the OAAA creative library, and the OBIE Awards website  to enhance their creative product. With thousands of campaigns that can be searched by product category or advertiser, the creative library is both a great idea generator, and a view of competitive landscape.  

4. Be a consultant. Feed your agency relevant case studies, success stories, and creative ideas. Provide customized, relevant content. One sheets and summaries will be most well-received, and they demonstrate you understand the value of their time.&nbsp; Don’t do a data dump, instead provide resources tailored to their needs.

5. Deliver on your promises and commitments. Ensure campaigns are executed on time and professionally, plus make sure POP materials are delivered promptly.

If your market is on our 2017 list, and you have an agency you’d like to see the OOH Capabilities presentation, please contact Steve Nicklin at snicklin@oaaa.org or 202-833-5566. 

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