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Feds Give Go-Ahead to Digital Billboards

Date: October 01, 2007



Feds Give Go-Ahead to Digital Billboards
By Katy Bachman
October 1, 2007

Clearing the way for out-of-home companies to build out more digital billboards, the Federal Highway Administration recently ruled that digital billboards are permissible and are not “flashing” or “intermittent.” The ruling recommended that digital boards display static images for four to 10 seconds, comparable to the industry practice of six to eight seconds.

Prior to the ruling, a number of states and municipalities were confused about how to classify digital boards and whether or not they should be allowed. The new ruling updates a 1996 FHWA memo that said changeable message billboards are acceptable if allowed by states and the signs do not contain flashing, intermittent or moving lights.

The new ruling is clearly a win for companies such as Clear Channel and Lamar Advertising, which have been investing in the build-out digital boards. While the boards are expensive to erect, the companies are able to increase ad revenue from digital boards by several multiples.


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