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Out-of-Home Ad Revenues Up Again

Date: December 04, 2013

Out-of-home advertising revenues rose again in the third quarter, according to the latest figures from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, marking 14 straight quarters of year-over-year growth since the rebound began in the second quarter of 2010.
Total out-of-home ad revenues grew 3.5% from around $1.55 billion in the third quarter of 2012 to $1.6 billion in the third quarter of 2013, while total revenues for the first three quarters of the year approached $5.3 billion -- up 4.4% from just under $5.1 billion during the same period of 2012.
In terms of categories, growth was led by miscellaneous services, restaurant, retail, insurance and real estate advertisers, while specific brands upping their budgets included AT&T, Sony Pictures, MillerCoors, Rockstar Games, Walt Disney Pictures, Microsoft, Universal Pictures, Sprint, Nissan, Geico and Blue Cross & Blue Shield.
The outdoor ad industry is also benefiting from continuing growth in digital out-of-home ad networks, which allow billboard owners to display multiple ads and charge by daypart, as well as enabling advertisers to adjust creative in mid-campaign.
Out-of-home advertising (both static and digital) is also benefiting from the rise of mobile technology, as ubiquitous smartphones allow consumers to engage with outdoor ad displays, deepening engagement with marketing messages and providing a back channel for advertisers to measure the impact of outdoor ad placements. 

The last few months have seen a spate of partnerships between outdoor advertisers and mobile marketers for mobile data sharing and ad targeting.


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