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OAAA COVID-19 Updates

What You Need Right Now | April 1, 2020
As we all continue to navigate the aftershocks of the COVID-19 crisis in our personal lives and our businesses, OAAA has quickly shifted our priorities so we can deliver to members what you need right now. Read More

Can I Get Small Business Relief? | April 1, 2020
President Trump signed a massive stimulus bill Friday, March 27, including $349 billion for small business loans. On Monday, March 30, OAAA checked in with this company and others, to gauge interest in small business relief. Read More

Advertising as an Anti-Recession Tool | March 31, 2020
Good reading, in these tough times, is cogent analysis published 40 years ago in the prestigious Harvard Business Review (HBR). Recessions have been fueled by underconsumption, says author Nariman K. Dhalla. Read More

Help for Small Business: Have You Applied? | March 28, 2020
The stimulus package approved by Congress and signed by President Trump March 27 includes grants and loans for small and mid-sized businesses. Read More

Understanding the 'Small Business' Part of Federal Stimulus | March 26, 2020
New York State, which has issued a strict stay-at-home order, says a major out of home company operating in the state is considered as an "essential business." Read More

New York State says OOH Media is Essential | March 25, 2020
The US Senate approved a massive stimulus bill; House approval is expected Friday, March 27. As Congress considers stimulus legislation, here is information to help better understand the prospect of Small Business Administration (SBA) loan relief. Read More

OOH In A Global Pandemic | March 25, 2020
With the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) across the world in a matter of weeks, citizens across the globe are doing what they can to care for the sick and prevent further spread. Read More

We've Got Your Back | March 23, 2020
Today’s crisis — with restrictions on mobility for the sake of public health that also choke the economy — raises a classic (legit) question about trade associations: does somebody have my back? OAAA has your back. Read More

OOH COVID-19 Resources

 About OOH OAAA provides survey insights on how member companies are responding to COVID-19, along with a comprehensive review of OOH's value to advertisers and communities especially now . The webinar covers: discussion about the current business climate and the significant changes happening in the ad market, new survey highlights explaining how OAAA members are dealing with the impact of COVID-19, recent consumer behavior information collected from third-party sources, and a review of the fundamentals that make OOH a valued media choice in troubled times. Slides Recording
About OOH State and local governments across the country are increasingly ordering that only “essential businesses” remain open in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some officials are instituting “shelter-in-place" orders, while others are calling their directives “stay-at-home" orders.

The directives differ by location, but generally authorize “essential businesses” to remain open. These orders have caused employers to question what an “essential business” means in each jurisdiction as civil penalties could result from not following executive orders.

About OOH
States and localities are issuing “stay-at-home” orders. OAAA is following this developing situation and has prepared a webinar with the latest information to help. In this webinar for OOH media and advertising professionals, learn what has happened across the country and where you can get up-to-date information, discover the building blocks for declaring your business essential, and see examples of what other businesses are doing.

This webinar features OAAA Counsel Eric Rubin, in-house attorney Kerry Yoakum, and Michael J. Volpe, who chairs the labor and employment practice group at national law firm Venable.

About OOH 

OAAA has partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Ad Council and Extra Credit Projects, to offer public-health PSAs in a variety of digital OOH formats as the OOH industry steps up to help explain preventive measures to mass audiences.

See all campaigns available and download creative assets on the OAAA Public Service Page.

COVID-19 in the News

OOH Urges Brits to Stay Home | March 24, 2020
Concerned their fellow Londoners had been moving around relatively freely, three creatives at agency Pablo London created a series of OOH posters telling people to stay home. Ad Week

Coke Billboard Calls for Social Distancing | March 22, 2020
Coca-Cola is using its iconic billboard in Times Square to spread health advice amid COVID-19. Campaign

OAAA Partners with CDC for COVID PSAs | March 12, 2020
OAAA and the CDC have joined forces to create a series of public service announcements that remind the public how to stay safe during the coronavirus outbreak. 
Ad Age