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Policy Issue Briefs

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Kerry Yoakum

This page features an alphabetical list of topics that are common in discussions about regulating billboards. What does the public think about billboards? How are billboards taxed? Does the First Amendment apply to advertising? The documents linked below define terms, provide background, and include research. Most of these documents are issue briefs that include industry talking points. These documents are intended as educational primers for OAAA members, and are suitable as hand-out materials. 

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Property Values

Date: May 25, 2018

A comprehensive study of thousands of parcels in the county surrounding Tampa, FL, showed that parcels with billboards are more valuable that neighboring parcels. Billboard leases provide additional income for landowners, enhancing property values.

Additional Resources:
Outdoor Advertising Local Economic Impact Tampa Study
2013 Tampa Study
Economic and Fiscal Impact of the Billboard Industry in Philadelphia (April, 2012)
Economic Impact of Billboard Locations on Property Values in Philadelphia (April, 2012)


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