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Pass It On, Phase 3: Heroes and Frog Featured in New Outdoor Images

Date: September 22, 2003



Starting this month, eight new images will be available in the third phase of an industry-sponsored public service campaign promoting worthy values such as persistence and dedication.

The national campaign, known as Pass It On, is supported by the Foundation for a Better Life.

As with the first two phases, this collection features celebrities as well as unsung heroes. Figure skating champion, Michelle Kwan, actor Christopher "Superman" Reeves, Kermit the Frog and Winston Churchill are among the well known figures included in this campaign.

Lesser known heroes include Erik Weihenmeyer and Brooks Dame. Erik is a blind mountain climber who, despite visual impairments, became one of less than 100 individuals worldwide to climb all of the Seven Summits.

Brooks was a 22-year-old college student when he enlisted in a local bone marrow registry as part of his community's Eagle Scout project. A year later he received a call from the American Bone Marrow Donor Registry asking him to donate bone marrow, which was a match for a man in his thirties with two small children. Although the procedure was painful and dangerous, Brooks decided it was worth the sacrifice to help save someone's life.

The Pass It On campaign's first posting occurred after the 9-11 tragedy. The initial images featured a dust-covered firefighter at Ground Zero and a six-year-old girl with an American flag at a unity rally in Las Vegas.

Since its launch two years ago, more than 17,000 outdoor advertising faces have displayed Pass It On images in multiple formats.

The new artwork includes the following values symbolized by these individuals:

Strength: Christopher Reeves
Dedication: Michelle Kwan, figure skating champion
Live Your Dreams: Kermit the Frog
Soul: Mahatma Gandhi
Vision: Erik Weihenmeyer, blind mountain climber
Sacrifice: Brooks Dame, bone marrow donor
Persistence: President Abraham Lincoln
Commitment: Winston Churchill

Click here to see all eight of the Phase 3 images.

"The new art is powerful, the graphics are sharp, and the text works," said Nancy Fletcher, OAAA president and CEO, who previewed the new images last month in Washington, DC.

Overall, the outdoor industry donates an estimated $300 million in public service space annually.

The Foundation for a Better Life pays production costs and a one-time posting fee. The Foundation mailed Phase 3 packets to OAAA members last week. The packets include an order form, completion report forms, and instructions for payment. Additional order forms can be obtained by calling Kindee Nielsen at The Foundation for a Better Life, (303) 298-8444.


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