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Public Service

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New Billboards Help Nab Smoky Vehicles

Date: July 22, 2003



It's probably happened to you. You get stuck behind a car that has smoke coming from the exhaust pipe.


Now you can report the driver of that car, and there are billboards all around town to help you do that.

If your tailpipe emitts too much smoke, you might want to get that fixed before the driver behind you notices the billboards.

The new emissions testing started in Harris County last year, and surrounding areas quickly followed suit.


But now the billboards are urging drivers to help keep our air clean by reporting smoky vehicles.


The state is pushing for the public's support by putting up the billboards all over Houston.

They go up during the peak ozone season, which are the hottest days of the year from April through September.


Let's say as a result of these billboards, your vehicle is reported. You receive a notification in the mail, but you don't have the money for repairs, officials say financial help is available if you qualify.


"Once it's been reviewed and approved, you get a voucher with a value up to $600 toward repairs. Once the vehicle has been diagnosed, the repairs are made or you can option to replace the vehicle if it's beyond repair. At that time the voucher has a value of up to $1,000."


So before you crank up, make sure your vehicle isn't one of those these billboards are urging drivers to report.

State officials say all vehicles can be reported for smoky tailpipes.


But, diesel operated vehicles do not qualify for the financial assistance program.


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