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2002 Outdoor Advertising Revenues Show Modest Gain

Final outdoor advertising revenues for 2002 were released last week with less fanfare than other media but for good reason. Outdoor advertising was up 0.8% for a total of $5.2 billion. Outdoor is not crawling back from a dismal prior year as are most other media, who heralded great gains in 2002 without a mention that 2001 was their worst year ever. 2001 was not the strongest on the books for outdoor advertising but it fell less than 1% over 2000; thus presenting a greater challenge to hold the line in what may go on record as the worst year in advertising overall.



The Local Services and Amusements category continues to be the industry’s core business at 13.3% of total spending with growth even stronger than in 2001. The top five categories of spending remain unchanged from a year ago and collectively represent 50% of total spending. In addition to Local Services and Amusements, these include Hotels & Resorts, Retail, Media, and Restaurants.



Not surprisingly, Hotels & Resorts, while still representing 10% of total industry spending, paced downward versus a year ago, off by 7%, while on the up side Financial Services, Insurance, and Real Estate picked up the slack.







The OAAA issues full industry revenue estimates that include, but are not limited to, CMR’s data on billboards, member company affidavits and media projections based on a mix of recognized national syndicated data sources.



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