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Dan O'Shea Honored by Outdoor Advertising Industry

Fairway Outdoor Executive Receives OAAA Hall of Fame Award

Washington, DC (Monday, November 5, 2001) ~

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Inc. (OAAA) presented a Hall of Fame Award to Dan O'Shea of Augusta, GA on Monday, November 5. The presentation of the award had been delayed following the events of September 11, 2001.

Nancy Fletcher, OAAA's president and CEO, traveled to Augusta to present the award to Mr. O'Shea, the national creative director of Fairway Outdoor Advertising, who received the award for his contributions to the outdoor industry. He first joined Naegele Outdoor Advertising in 1980 as art director for the eastern North Carolina markets. In 1993, the Naegele name was changed to Fairway Outdoor Advertising. A member of the OAAA's marketing committee for more than a decade, Mr. O'Shea has provided keen insight and wisdom in the area of outdoor creativity. He is a former OBIE judge and a former national convention co-chair, and has remained a guiding force in the growth of Fairway Outdoor and as an ambassador for his company and the entire outdoor industry.

Mr. O'Shea has been instrumental, in the weeks since September 11, in getting his fellow outdoor advertisers to post a message of healing, "In God We Trust. United We Stand," on billboards around the country.

The OAAA established the Hall of Fame in 1991 to recognize individuals for enduring contributions to the outdoor advertising industry. The awards are presented at each OAAA National Convention. O'Shea was one of five industry Hall of Fame Award recipients in 2001.


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