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Out of Home Advertising Industry Unites

Contact: Nicole Hayes
(202) 833-5566
For Immediate Release – May 1, 2012
Out of Home Advertising Industry Unites
Industry Initiative Asks Advertisers to ‘Take Another Look’ at OOH

(Miami, FL) –
The out of home (OOH) advertising industry has united in a national effort to promote the many benefits OOH provides to advertisers and brands. At the industry’s annual conference today in Miami, FL, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) announced out of home advertising companies across the country have pledged to embrace and implement a new industry-wide positioning effort centered on innovation, urging advertisers and advertising agencies to “take another look” at OOH.

“The out of home industry is joining forces to inform advertisers and agencies about the power of OOH advertising,” said OAAA President & CEO Nancy Fletcher. “The industry has evolved significantly over recent years and we want brands to understand how OOH can add value as a strategic component of a media plan.”

OAAA is coordinating the outreach effort, bringing together industry leaders to discuss advancements in the medium and explore opportunities to inform advertisers and agencies about the changes.

The association today led the industry launch with an advertising and promotion campaign that underscores the OOH industry’s commitment to innovative and high quality products, practices, and people. The campaign, which will leverage the unique creative impact of the many OOH advertising formats, will let advertising professionals know how much OOH has changed, and that they should “take another look” at what the industry can offer.

To ensure brand alignment and consistency throughout the industry, OAAA distributed OOH brand guidelines and implementation planning documents. These tools are designed to help industry stakeholders evolve company cultures, technology, processes, and people to align with the new industry vision and shift the way advertisers and agencies think about the medium.

Fletcher added, “We want the advertising community to understand OOH delivers highly innovative advertising solutions that surround consumers with unique and ubiquitous creative impact. The medium puts innovation to work in all parts of business, both in product and process, to improve the customer experience and keep pace with where advertising and the consumer are headed.”

For more information about the new OOH industry positioning effort, please visit or contact Nicole Hayes at (202) 833-5566 or
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OAAA is the national trade association for the out of home (OOH) advertising industry. Founded in 1891, the association represents more than 90 percent of the US industry based on revenues. OAAA is dedicated to leading and uniting a responsible OOH industry committed to serving advertisers, consumers, and communities. The OOH industry generates $6.4 billion annually in ad revenues and donates more than $400 million in space each year. For more information, please visit


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