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Outdoor Advertising Revenue Increases by More than Five Percent

Outdoor Advertising Revenue Increases by

More than Five Percent

Washington, D.C. September 4, 2003 – The outdoor industry showed gains in the

second quarter of 2003 with a 3.9% increase over the same period last year and an

increase of 5.3% for the first six months of the year.

"Outdoor media continues to show steady gains and will surpass initial industry

projections for the year," said Stephen Freitas, Chief Marketing Officer for the Outdoor

Advertising Association of America. "Reports from member companies indicate that

second half sales are strong and we’re pleased with early indications that ad spending

will be brisk for the holidays."

Outdoor media performance fluctuated across the top ten advertising categories in the

second quarter with Local Services & Amusements, the number one spender, remaining

strong with 13.0% growth. The biggest gain came in the financial category which

registered an impressive 30.9% rise compared to the previous year. Automotive

Accessories also posted a large increase up 28.0%. Restaurants (+12.0%), Insurance &

Real Estate (+9.5%) and Automotive Dealers (+2.9%) all reported strong gains. There

was a modest decline in the Public Transportation, Hotels & Resorts category, which

dropped 2.9%.

The OAAA is the largest trade association representing the outdoor advertising industry.

It is dedicated to leading and uniting a responsible outdoor advertising industry that is

committed to serving the needs of consumers, advertisers and the public. The OAAA’s

nearly 1,100 member companies generate more than $5 billion annually in ad revenues,

representing more than 90% of industry income, and donate space to charitable

organizations in excess of $300 million each year.

Please see attached charts.

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The OAAA issues full industry revenue estimates that include, but are not limited to, CMR’s data

on billboards, member company affidavits and media projections based on a mix of recognized

national syndicated data sources.


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