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Wyoming House of Representatives Transportation Committee Defeats Two Bills Adversely Affecting Billboard Industry

Date: February 05, 2001



In Wyoming, the House of Representatives Transportation Committee defeated two bills adversely affecting the billboard industry.

The first bill, a 2-year moratorium on new signs, was unanimously voted down by the 7-person committee.

The second bill, which downsized all billboards in the state to 150 square feet and had a 10-year removal program, was withdrawn by the Committee Chairman at the beginning of the hearing and referred to an interim study group. However, the study will require funding and there is no certainty that funding will be provided this year or in subsequent years. A decision about funding will not occur until near the end of February.

A great job by our industry members in WY who brought in lobbyists/small business owners to pack the committee room and voice opposition to the bills.


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