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Governor Jeb Bush Supports Property Rights

Date: April 08, 2002


Legislation Ensures Just Compensation

Tallahassee ~

On Thursday, April 4, Florida Governor Jeb Bush signed  bipartisan legislation (CSHB-715) that expands protection of property rights. Thirty-nine other states have similar protections.

The long-sought Florida legislation was approved earlier this year by overwhelming majorities of the state House and Senate.

“Florida is part of a national trend to protect property rights,” said Nancy Fletcher, president and CEO of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA).  Nevada and Minnesota enacted similar legislation last year.

“We applaud Governor Jeb Bush for signing pro-business, pro-property rights legislation,” Ms. Fletcher continued. “This legislation salutes fundamental fairness by protecting property rights at the state level, a logical extension of the principles in the Fifth Amendment that have guided our nation for centuries.”

The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution requires “just compensation” when government takes private property for public purposes (“Private property shall not be taken for the public use without just compensation”).

Federal law governing outdoor advertising (Highway Beautification Act) provides for cash compensation when government takes billboard assets along federal highways. Most states – now including Florida– do likewise, protecting private property rights along non-federal roads.

“It is a fairly simple principle,” The Florida Times-Union newspaper said in an editorial published March 29. “If the government takes a citizen’s property, it should pay for the property.”


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